Below you will find all my mindset materials and some helpful links. I deliver mindset theory to students, to teachers and to parents – you can check out my price list here. If you are a charity, I’m happy to run the session for a cup of tea and a Garibaldi; if you are a business, then we would need to negotiate a price.

I also run other INSET sessions, including behaviour management for teachers and evidenced-based teaching. Here’s my price list.

You can contact me here directly, or text or call me on (UK number) 07521 927 947, or email me:


  • My mindset slides (delivered in schools and businesses) – from the link, you can download and keep the slides and use them as you wish
  • Mindset keynote at a business conference: 90-min video
  • Here you can find a video of my mindset presentation (run for reading volunteers in schools), broken into five segments:
  1. mindset video: one of five
  2. mindset video: two of five
  3. mindset video: three of five
  4. mindset video: four of five
  5. mindset video: five of five 
  • Here’s an article I wrote on how to embed mindset theory into schools – it’s good for parents too.
  • Here’s another article for a veterinary practice magazine.
  • Here’s a copy of Angela Lee Duckworth’s grit scale – scroll down for a video about Grit from the woman herself
  • Here’s the videos I use in my mindset presentations:

And below is a collection of other resources you might find helpful

Grit scale – Angela Lee Duckworth (youtube clip) – this is worth watching

Academic article by Jo Boaler: Ability and Mathematics: the mindset revolution that is reshaping education

Research paper on the use of Praise: Mueller & Dweck (1998) Praise for Intelligence Can Undermine Children’s Motivation and Performance

Prof Carol Dweck’s mindset book (amazon link) – Mindset: How You Can Fulfil Your Potential

Mathew Syed’s book (amazon link) – Bounce

Growth mindset poster

Carol Dweck article: You Can Grow Your Intelligence