Interested in INSET/CPD?

I run a range of different sessions, all of which have an impact on student achievement, student engagement and student behaviour. The sessions are suitable for primary, secondary and FE. They are excellent for staff INSET, but also perfect as keynotes and breakouts.  My sessions are particularly suitable for headteacher conferences. Click on each to find out more.

The behaviour management training can be run as a 90-minute session, for half a day (3 hours) or for a full day. The 90-minute session looks at averting misbehaviour and nipping-it-in-the-bud should it start. It’s packed with theory, evidence and lots and lots of practical approaches and strategies. The longer sessions cover the same material and, in addition, consider teacher self-control and the teacher-student relationship. The training is appropriate for both primary and secondary teachers, NQT through to SLT.

I also run all-day behaviour management training which is open to all teachers, primary and secondary. These training days are held three times a year in Watford, one per term. Lunch and refreshments are included in the cost. Contact me for further details.

This session looks at the top-12 teaching approaches as determined by scientific research. It also looks at neuroscience, specifically how the brain learns, and examines whether what we know about the brain fits with what we know about effective teaching strategies – and the answer is, it does. It is packed with tips and techniques to help teachers get the most out of their students. It is a must session for a ‘teaching and learning’ INSET. More and more schools are asking for this session, and it makes complete sense that they do because what it covers can accelerate learning and achievement.

The mindset session is often described as ‘inspirational’ by those that see it. I have delivered mindset training across the country and abroad. It is fun, informative and motivational. It covers what exactly the theory says, why it’s important and how it can transform teaching and learning. I run sessions for staff, for students, for parents. Each is excellent. If you are thinking of embedding a growth mindset approach in your school, or even if you have already started to do just that, this session is the one you want.

Learning is memory – or to put it another way, if what we teach doesn’t enter the long-term memory of our students then actually we haven’t taught them anything. So, then, how can we hack the memory process so that learning (and progress, achievement and better grades) can happen? This session will show you how. It will give you the up-to-date neuroscience (in very manageable and memorable chunks) and link that neuroscience to specific teaching approaches and strategies. Whatever you do, don’t forget to book this session. Tie a knot in your hanky if you need to, but don’t forget. This session gets to the very heart (well, the brain) of how to teach effectively. It is crucial CPD!

More than any other factor, it is the quality of the teacher-student relationship that underpins the success – or otherwise – of what happens in the classroom. It underpins student learning, student behaviour, student progress, student satisfaction … even the students’ likelihood of taking the subject forward into sixth form, or from sixth form into university connects to the quality of their relationship with the teacher. Not only that, it also links to teacher job satisfaction and teacher retention rates. It is something, then, that needs to be got right. This powerful 60-minute session will tell you how. It is based on robust science and eye-opening research.

This session is for parents, specifically how parents can help their child get the most out of school. It’s grounded in robust research and cutting-edge science. It looks at the importance of high expectations, academic stretch and tenacity. It explores the necessity of failure to the learning process, and how to help children remove fear from that process. It also looks at the importance of praise, including its use and misuse, and along the way will give good quality strategies for helping children say no to distractions and temptations. In fact, it’s crammed to bursting with positive parenting tips, strategies and approaches. There’s a very good chance that parents will laugh out loud during this presentation, but there might also be a few tears … either way, they will hear what the science says about positive parenting and what they can do to help their child get the most out of school.

There’s so little quality training out there for support staff, hence the need for this session. It’s crammed with material, all aimed at helping TAs/LSAs get the most out of the students they support. It looks at the importance of high expectations, that behaviour moves in the direction of the expectation – so the higher the better! It explains why it is crucial that students are stretched and that lesson difficulty is in fact desirable. It explores how to promote student stickability, impulse control and pro-learning habits. The TA/LSA is a skilled role: part teacher, part parent, part mentor – and so needs all the support that good quality CPD can provide. The session, like all Behaviour Buddy sessions, is grounded in robust research. Oh, it is also based on my own experiences of being a TA. Before I was a teacher, I was a TA for a year so I know very well the difficulties and joys related to the role.

Here’s the most important bit. The sessions work. If you don’t believe me, take a look at the testimonials page, bursting with genuine praise.

Behaviour Buddy is competitively priced too. Click to see my price list. And here’s my availability in calendar form

I don’t have a set fee for conferences or businesses  though it will be more than my standard rates. For charities, I am happy to present for free (well, a cup of tea and a Garibaldi)

If you want to know more about any of the above, please contact me here.