About Robin Launder

Robin Launder is the founder of Behaviour Buddy, a company that specialises in UK-wide teacher INSET/CPD training. Sessions include behaviour management, effective teaching strategies, and mindset theory. All sessions are evidenced-based. Robin also works one day a week as a behaviour specialist at his local Pupil Referral Unit.

Retrieval Practice – 12 evidence-based strategies

By |February 22nd, 2019|Behaviour Tips|

Retrieval practice – 12 evidence-based strategies By Robin Launder, behaviourbuddy@hotmail.co.uk For an explanation of the theory behind retrieval practice, click here. Otherwise, here are the 12 strategies. You’ll be familiar with most of them, but don’t let that familiarity fool you into thinking they’re not powerful, because they are. Very. Here’s the list:     [...]

Addendum – First Day Back after Christmas

By |January 2nd, 2019|Behaviour Tips|

7. Revisit your rules At some point during your lesson, though earlier is better than later, revisit your classroom rules. The following approach works well. Shush activity Cover your rules display. Tell the students that they have two minutes to write the classroom rules down exactly as they are written on the (now covered) display. [...]

Becoming Brilliant at Behaviour

By |January 17th, 2018|Published Articles|

Ten tops tips for expert behaviour management Congratulations! By choosing to be a teacher, you have chosen a career that has meaning, makes a difference and shapes the future. If you’re not feeling smug right now, you should be. You’ve won the job lottery. But it’s also a difficult job. The marking, the planning, the [...]