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There’s something about Simon – a request for help

Hi Behaviour Buddy, I’m really struggling with a “Simon”, a Year 6 pupil. He’s noisy, chatty and distracts others with lots of silly behaviour. If I challenge him, he’ll debate with me why he’s right and why I’m being unfair. He enjoys winding me up and frankly he’s good at it. To give just one of [...]

Cooperative Learning

Cooperative Learning is the name given to a range of teaching methods that promote learning that is structured, purposeful and, of course, cooperative. The students work on a common assignment. Assignments can range from the simple to the complex, and can include experiment-based work, design, creation of a graphic organiser, extended writing projects, problem solving, [...]

Mindset theory – 5 top tips for embedding Dweck’s work into your school (with a little help from Messi and superglue)

Your mindset shapes your life. It affects your intelligence, your behaviour, your choices, your happiness, your relationships, your physical health, your mental health, your bank balance, your life satisfaction. If you’ve got a growth mindset, it affects these things for the better, if you’ve got a fixed one, for the worse. In fact, if you [...]

TES – How to chart your classroom character

Are you cooperative or oppositional? Dominant or submissive? Examining your natural style could improve the way you teach Let me tell you half a story. Judd likes to have things his own way. If challenged, he likes to explain why he is right and why the teacher is being unfair. Ten minutes into a lesson, [...]

TES – Turning detective to uncover the truth

Disciplining students for telling lies is one of a teacher’s most important duties, but it must be handled sensitively. Here’s how Lying is common. Really common. The average person is lied to as many as 200 times a day. That’s a lot of lies. For teachers, given the numbers that pass through our doors, it could be a [...]

TES – Under pressure? Don’t trigger your dark side

Faced with a challenging child, it’s all too easy to morph into Arnold Schwarzenegger. Follow our tips to keep your countenance. Lisa (the teacher) is walking around the classroom checking work. She sees that Billy isn’t working. She asks him if there’s a problem. This is what Billy says: “The lesson’s boring. It was more fun with our old [...]

Question: what’s the best way to ask questions?

Question: what’s the best way to ask questions? Now, that’s a good question. In fact, it’s one of the best questions that a teacher can ask – and given we ask a lot of questions, that’s saying something. And we do ask a lot of questions too. In fact, the amount of time that we [...]