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Bursting the bubble

What's the best way to deal with Billie, a show-off with an attitude and a chaotic home life? The Scenario You have a Y6 student called Billie. She’s noisy, chatty and distracts others with silly behaviour. If you challenge her, she’ll debate with you about why she’s right.

Taming the lions

Avoiding certain activities because you can't trust your class to behave? You're not the only one... The scenario Meet Rosie. “My class are a nightmare. From the first moment to the last, they are a pain in the proverbial. The only time they’re quiet is when I read to them, but even [...]

TES – Master routines and you’ll set yourself free

An orderly classroom runs on repetition. To start a positive cycle of good behaviour, don’t tell students what you want – show them. Meet Kate. Kate wanted to be a teacher all her life, so when she finally qualified it was a dream come true. She’s now in her second year. However, there’s a problem: she hates it. [...]

Teach Primary – We’re more similar than different

Children who struggle with behaviour can find it difficult to discuss how it affects others, so staff at Robin Launder’s pupil referral unit ask them to empathise with fictional characters in similar circumstances instead… We all love a story – here’s a true one about Alex. Alex is disengaged in lessons, can be very disrespectful to staff and [...]

Primary Teacher – All about establishing routine happiness

Modelling good behaviour based around routines can minimise the potential for unruly behaviour and ensure that both pupils and teachers enjoy their school day. Meet Naomi. Naomi wanted to be a primary school teacher all her life, so when she finally qualified it was a dream come true. She’s now in her second year. However, there’s a problem: [...]

Primary Teacher – Do you need a hand?

Establishing a routine whereby your pupils put up their hands every time is pro-thinking, pro-participation and pro-community. It also places in you in control. "Let them call out, I say. It gives the lesson a bit of dynamism and pace. It’s fun. It shows them you’re cool, not a fuddy-duddy.” The person I‘m quoting is me, back when [...]

Constructivism – and a brainy brainer’s dozen

Every teacher needs to know this word: constructivism. Why? Because it’s the word that describes how we learn. When we learn something new, we construct that learning out of what we already know. We do it in one of three main ways: by noting similarities, by noting differences, by combining concepts. Often we do all [...]

There’s something about Simon – a request for help

Hi Behaviour Buddy, I’m really struggling with a “Simon”, a Year 6 pupil. He’s noisy, chatty and distracts others with lots of silly behaviour. If I challenge him, he’ll debate with me why he’s right and why I’m being unfair. He enjoys winding me up and frankly he’s good at it. To give just one of [...]

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